Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mini Tartans of ALL colors!!!

Ok another post today before I go crash cause.. wow its late.. =))

Tartans are in the store.. yes those sexy lil schoolgirl dresses that all guys go nuts over! they come in 6 different colors.. you can either get one color for 50$L or a fat pack with all 6 colors for only 250$L .. definitely a bargain for any lady..

Come on in and see whats new today!

Red Mini Vintage Skirt

Hey there..

The first addition to the blog will be the Vintage Red mini.. shown to the left. sexy pretty.. and very.. very.. short..

Flexi prims make it flow realistically with every movement you make.. comes with some cute little black panties so not everything is shown..

it comes Mod/Transfer so you can shrink it to fit.. and costs only 50 $L right now!