Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fay Princess

This is for all the women who grew up wanting to be a fayrie princess. It's long, and flexy, but it has some sculpted parts to give it the pulled back look. The result? A soft, romantic style worthy of any fayrie or princess out there. It comes in 15 colors that you can buy in a fat pack or you can buy the tones seperately, blacks, browns, blondes, reds and reds 2. On sale for the first week, each color pack is $99L, while the fatpack is $500L, so hurry in before the regular price of $225L per color pack and $950L for the fatpack take effect on Saturday morning, September 5th.

Devillocks for Men and Women

If rebellious could be wrapped up in a hairstyle, this would be it. Made famous (Or is that infamous?) by Glen Danzig while performing in the Misfits, Devillocks can now be found at Flavor! We have all the "normal" colors; blacks, blondes, browns, reds, reds 2, and even streaks on black, streaks on white, brights, and the fatpack with all 21 colors. Each pack is on currently on sale for $99L a pack and the fat pack is priced at $800L for all 21 colors, hurry and come get this deal while it lasts! The prices will revert to $225L per pack and $1250L for the fatpack Saturday, September 5th.

Tech Evolve for Men and Women

The latest in Flavor! hair design. We've really out-done ourselves this time, we've combined the relaxed style of long dreads with the glowy awesomeness of cyber punk. When we made this style, we weren't sure if we wanted to go through with it, cyber dreads have been done before, right? Yea, they have, but NEVER like this! It's an easy fit with the resize script, and since it's made with face-framing pieces, it's flattering on anyone. The movement and glow are perfect, and can I just mention how hot they look while dancing?! If you've been afraid to try cyber styles, this is the one for you.
It comes in six colors for versatility, green, blue, white, purple, red and pink, or you can buy the fat pack of all 6 colors. This is a must buy at it's current price of 199L per style and 950L for the fat pack!!

Evolve II for Men and Women

We've taking our two older dreads styles and combined then to make this sexy, yet kick-back style. What's better than dreads? More dreads, of course! These are super long, so they look great on both men and women, and they're pulled back in a ponytail with a knot. The smaller pieces finish off the look nicely, and draw attention back to the face. It comes in blacks, browns, blondes, reds, reds 2 and brights, each selling at $225L, or get the fatpack for $1100L for all 18 colors!


Tessa, an adorable ponytail for when you just want to kick back and relax. Long, wispy bangs threaten to hide your face but end up just looking sexy and flirty. After all that, we still give you an amazing choice of colors... the usual blacks, blondes and browns, but this time even MORE reds! Yes, you have your choice of two red packs, and highlights, streaks on black, and streaks on white. Even after all that, if you still can't decide on a color... we got the fat pack with all 24 colors! Each color pack is $225, and the fatpack is $1250L

Devil Dolls

With is blunt cut short bangs and the sculpted skulls on the hair bands, no self respecting punk girl can go without this style. Devil Dolls, is exactly what its name describes. It is an adorable dolly style but with a twisted outcome... It comes in the usual blacks, browns blondes and reds, and we've added a glow pack! At a low $225L a pack, how can you get just one?


Bed head has never been this sexy! Disheveled, a style for women, but it'll look just as great on men looking for a longer style. It's messy, it's sexy... it's Disheveled. We have unbelievable color choices for you! Each pack is $225L, and we have the usual blacks, browns, blondes, but we've extended the reds! Yes, that's right, you have your choice of two red packs! In addition there are the streaks on black and the streaks on white. The fatpack has an amazing 21 colors only for $1099L!

Eran for Men and Women

Eran, a great silky smooth straight style for Men and Women. Classic in function and style, shoulder length for versitility. Each pack is $225L, and comes in blacks, browns, blonds, red 1 and red 2, and the fatpack which sells for $950L for all 18 colors.


Now for those who love the MH2 style but want something shorter, the MH3 is what you need! It's short, spikey and hot! It even looks great on the ladies... we've got blacks, blondes, browns, reds and even highlights... each at $225L, we're sure you'll like it enough to buy all 15 colors in the fatpack at $850L! Come try it out this must have style today!


The MH2, for guys who like the long, tousled look but don't want to go too long, or too tousled. This relaxed style looks great with a pair of jeans, or even at your favorite beach. Along with blacks, blondes, browns and reds, we're offering a tips pack, and each sells for $225L. Easy to fit, come and try it out for free... each style has a free demo so you can pick the perfect one for you!


Flickers is a romantic, classic long hair style that will look good on any woman. Its soft, face-framing style will compliment any type of outfit and enhance your natural femininity. Currently it sells for $199L and only available in black, but keep checking back in the future for more colors.

Jenny II

Every one knows that the bob is one of the most versitile styles for women out there. It can easily take you from formal to casual and everything inbetween. Well we have made an improvement on it! We've added bangs and made it even sexier than before. The Jenny II comes in four color packs, blacks, browns, blondes and reds and the fatpack with all 14 colors! Each pack is sold at $225L each, and the fat pack goes for $750L

Friday, August 28, 2009


The Jenni is our take on the classic bob for women. It's fun, flirty and so very sexy. A must have in any woman's hair wardrobe, we're sure you'll find a color you'll fall in love with. Each pack has four shades, and the packs come in blacks, browns, blondes and reds for $225L each. That's a steal!

Razor for Men and Women

Originally we planned on the Razor style to just be for men. We soon discovered however, how hot it looks on the ladies too. Not often you'll have a style that works well for both, so we hope you take advantage! The girl's packs have the usual black, brown, blonde and reds, but they have an additional two packs... streaks on black and streaks on white. Men on the other hand have their choice from not only the usual packs of black, brown, blonde, and red, but we also have a highlighted pack and the fat pack. All packs go for $225L, except for the male fatpack which sells for $850L. If you ever wonder how any of the styles will look, you can get a free demo for any of the styles, so come check them out!

The Cure

Styled after the infamous Robert Smith, "The Cure" is bound to satisfy any and all punk tendancies you may have. The long pieces in the front keep it sexy while still allow your face to be seen. It's choppy, uneven and hot! As usual the normal colors are there, black, brown, blonde and red, and we've included 2 extra packs of streaks on black and streaks on white. They go for a low price of $225L each, and with a price this low, we know you'll want to try out more than one color.

Pouty Dreadz

Here's for the punk in every woman, Pouty Dreadz! If you're feeling a bit rebellious, or just need some punch, these colorful shorty dreads are perfect! They're great for nekos because the face framing bangs will show off your eyes, and won't get in the way of your ears. Pouty Dreadz come in five different color packs; black, red, brown, purple and blue, and each sells for $199L.


Asymmetrical in design, Emotive is sure to look good on many types of faces. Undeniably sexy, with the choppy bangs hanging over one eye, we made Emotive with the fashion foward female in mind. It comes in all our usual blacks, browns, blondes and reds, but there is an additional "streaks" pack for the more daring out there. We're sure you'll find the shade you're looking for, and at only $225L a pack, you may want to take more than one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trevor Short Dreadz

Dreads are sexy! Yes, they are, but usually a bit too casual. Usually, but now here's our answer to that! We came up with a short dreads style for men we dubbed Trevor. They'd look great whether with jeans or a suit, and I'd dare say even a tux. Want to make an impression without giving up personal style? This is it, you can go from the beach to a formal dinner and then hit the club after without skipping a beat. This style comes in the usual blacks, blondes, browns and reds, and for the more daring, there is the oddities pack, each pack goes for $225L.

Moheekan for Males and Females

If you ever thought about getting a mohawk, but was put off by the extremeness of it, this is the style for you. It has all the punk of a mohawk, but without all the stiffness. It's sexy and edgy, and not for the faint-hearted. If you like making a statement with your hair, if you like getting second and third looks, this is definitely the style for you. Both the male and female styles sell for $225L each and come in five color packs, blacks, reds, blondes, oddities and blacklights. Or, you can get all 22 colors in the fat pack for $899L! Who said you have to pay a high price for stylish rebellion?