Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jinxie- 50L Off Through Sunday!

Jinxi is the new release for women from Flavor! Designs and is still available for only 50L! You have through Sunday, January 31st to grab this style in a three color pack for only 50L!!
Feeling Fun
Jinxi is Jenna remade into a girl in the city. Where Jenna roams the sands, Jinxie roams the streets. Jinxi always knows the best shops for vintage wear, where to get the best cup of coffee, and above all, how to show you a good time. Like the changing stream of people filing down a busy city side walk, Jinxi can go with the flow. A texture change hat and hair band is the perfect accessory for a girl on the go!Come down to Flavor! Designs today and try a free demo!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jenna- Limited Time Sale!

Jenna is the newest release from Flavor! Designs for women. Long, straight and silky-smooth, Jenna is the hair for the free spirited woman we all long to be.Jenna spends her days with her bare feet in the warm sand and her nights dancing around the bonfire. No man can hold her attention for very long, though they all want to keep her for themselves. Twirling her hips and swirling her skirts like a cyclone of perfume and silk she is a dream of dance, a vision of lust; she is just real enough to keep the fires burning in hearts long after she has stopped the dance and left the beach.The Jenna style is pulled back loosely, with soft wisps coming down to frame the face, and falls all the way down to the waist. The perfect amount of flex results in the appearance of naturally soft hair, realistic and crying out to be stroked. Jenna is a part of the current sale also. All hair in the store is only 50L for a THREE color pack! This sale only lasts until Sunday, January 31st so take advantage while you can! Come down to the NEW Flavor! Designs main store today and grab your free demo!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flavor is Home and Having a Sale!

Well Flavor! Designs is officially in its new home and the sale has begun! Every single hair has been marked down to 50L for a THREE color pack!This is not a sale that will come around again anytime soon so make sure to check it out! Demos are free and this sale ends soon.Don't forget to check out the brand spanking new 25L wall as well! Yes, you heard correctly, a wall of male and female hair marked down to only 25L per three color pack!! Click HERE for the new link to Flavor! Designs. Make sure to update your picks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

50L Hair Sale!!!

yes.. every hair style in the store.. men's women's etc.. on sale this week only to celebrate our new move! 50l hair packs .. thats three colors for only 50l .. over 75% off till January 31st.. come in and check out the new store today!!

Not only are all hair styles on sale.. several of the jewelry sets have been moved over to a clearance board.. and will remain there for a while.. each item on the board is marked down to only 25l .. yes.. a steal.. some of it 90% off!!

heres your ride to the new.. improved .. Flavor.. HERE

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Allison had always been a good student. Yeah, sure, maybe she wore a bit of red lipstick that the nuns hated......and caught a smoke in the girl's bathroom once in a while, but all in all she wasn't much trouble.
That is until the day she pulled the book off the dusty shelf of the neglected library basement and released the horrors hidden for decades. All the rosaries in the world can't redeem her now...Allison is a new full look from Flavor! Designs for women. This set has everything you need to be the cutest...or girl in SL! The set comes with bra, panties on two layers, vest, shirt, skirt, socks, tie, backpack, bangles, and even shoes! The rosary is not included but you can get it in the Shoes and Accessories right now for absolutely free!!A perfect match for the Allison set is the Allison hair, a great set of long pigtails with soft bangs in front. This hair is not only good for the school girl look, but can be used with many other styles from anime to haute couture. Grab it for 50% off for the next week only!Click HERE for your big yellow school bus ride to Flavor! Designs today!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Jarred is the new style for men from Flavor! Designs. The Jarred style can be used for a wide range of looks from rockabilly rebel to soldier on leave. The spikes on top have an edgy feel to them while the pieces falling in front draw a person into the eyes. The Jarred style will be on sale at 50% off for the next few days! Can't beat a sale and can't beat a guy who looks this good!Click HERE for your cherry red 1957 Chevy ride to Flavor Designs!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Not all super heroes wear capes. In the underground boiler rooms of this city it's too hot for her to wear much of anything as she orchestrates the rise of the rebellion and the fall of the tyrants.She sits down for a short break before the climb back to the surface, and to chaos. Lowering her goggles she starts the short but difficult journey upwards, hoping the virus is successful and knowing that if it is they are one step closer to winning.Virus is a new unisex hair from Flavor! Designs for all the cyber lovers. Flexi dreads in white or black cascade down from beneath a hair band topped with glowing goggles. The style is sold by streak color and comes in all the usual brights and darks that Flavor! is known for. The glow is subtle and stunning at the same time, great for grabbing attention in a good way.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and become your own cyber hero! Demos are free so what are you waiting for?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SAH (shoes and accessories) Comes to Flavor!

Flavor! presents from the people who brought you MHO .. the SAH hunt (shoe and accessories).

And with it.. Two new items in the store exclusive to only this hunt from Flavor! Designs.

First we have the ever popular Rosary Necklace .. This time with a little bit of changes to it.. First the gems and beads are in red instead of just silver and white.. and secondly it is made resize scripted for easy touch menu fitting.

Second, A brand new and exclusive design being given out in 6 different color variations . Locks - is a necklace for men with a locket of hair attached to it.. so you can carry a piece of the person closest to your heart with you.. yes it comes in 6 different colors and yes! its exclusive to the SAH hunt only!

The hunt starts tomorrow and lasts till the 15th of Feb.

Hurry in now and get these NEW items before the time is up! Flavor! Designs

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tasha was a lovely girl, full of style and talent, and lacking in funds. Each day she left her clean but tiny apartment (shared with several other girls) and went to sing on the street corner. Her voice brought listeners willing to drop bills and coins freely into her hat. She knew she was good. When she saw the ad in the paper for an open call at the talent agency she knew she had to go. She cleaned her face, twisted her curls, and wore her lucky hat. Today was the day Tasha would become a star!Tasha is a new release hair for females from Flavor! Designs. With soft tendrils falling into your eyes, twisting curls barely grazing your shoulders, and a cute hat to match almost any look, Tasha is bound to make you a star.
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab your free demo!

Friday, January 8, 2010


She may be blonde. She may be wearing pink.But this doll is NOT a Barbie.Just try to wrap your hands around her.The outfit shown comes in three parts. The first part is the CyberDoll outfit, featuring all of the clothing layers. As usual there are many colors to choose from for any taste. The tops include the PG version, shown in all pictures, and a more revealing top for the risque folk. The set includes multiple layers for wearing ease.If you are looking to toughen up the outfit you might want to grab the CyberDoll shoulder attachments! The glowing parts come in colors to mix and match with the clothing layers of the CyberDoll set, but of course the pieces can be worn by men and women with a variety of outfits as well!The final piece in the set is the CyberDoll spinal attachment, a serious work of art if I may say so. Everywhere I go in this I get comments and LM requests. It's not hard to see why! While the piece was made to go with the CyberDoll latex set it can look good on its own as well, as you can see below. *Grins*
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and be a doll of a different sort.