Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Store! Same Great Styles!!!

Yes, yes we know we've moved around a bit. But in order to give you what you need, we have to upgrade, right? Riiiiight. So we've moved to a beautiful SIM with crashing waves and palm trees and... HAIR of course!

Oh yes, you didn't think we'd forget the hair, did you? It's the reason we're here. It's the reason you come see us... and yea, we're going to give you further inspiration just for that! Ready? Okay...

We are having a L$99 sale on all of our hair packs for one week! That's right... every color pack is on sale NOW for L$99! This doesn't include fat packs, let's not get greedy people. :P

So if you've been checking out a style and have been waiting till your funds are a little more... prolific, you don't need to wait any longer! Come get all the fashion forward styles you want... bring your friends, bring your enemies... just come and check it out!

Our official grand opening will be on November 1st, be we're offering you the opportunity to come check it out early and take advantage! So hurry on down!

New Location - click the link!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spotlight on Flavor! Girls - Halloween Edition (cue spooky music)

Brynna Destiny

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year... so how could we NOT include a Halloween Hottie? That's right, we couldn't. Here our witchy-poo, Brynna is wearing the Lucient II in sunburn.

Brynna enjoys greeting Flavor customers and helping them to find their perfect hair. She has met so many interesting people at Flavor. She enjoys chatting with customers, and hopes to make their shopping experience relaxed and fun.

When she isn't at Flavor, Brynna enjoys shopping and treasure hunting with friends in her favorite stores. She also spends time socializing, dressing up, dancing, and relaxing at home. Sometimes Brynna enjoys medieval rp as an elf.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Long and luscious. That's the first thing that comes to mind when you see the Kaitlyn style. Imagine Briget Bardot, or Jane Fonda in "Barberella". This is sexy, kittenish and oh-so-feminine. If you LIKE being a girl, you need this hair!
As always, the first week the packs are on sale for L$99 each, and the fat pack is L$550. Come snatch it up quick, as the price will be going up after Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flavor! Girls... Furry Edition? Yes!

Nightmoon Silverfall

Just another look at our beautiful associates here at Flavor!... and yes, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and even species. :) Nightmoon is pictured wearing the Tech Evolve in pink.

HiHi and Hello. My name is Nightmoon Silverfall and I'm one of the proud Assistants at Flavor! Designs.

I came to Second Life in February at the, happy, insistance of a long time and wonderful friend. I was baffled, confused and astounded by this world that was created for everyone. He taught me everything I needed to know, and then some, so I could always get around and never have problems.

With his help, I learned to dress, find the right shapes and av's that I wanted, and how to do some minor building and modding. To this day, I still love to make some simple clothing textures for myself and a few friends, and have started to delve into building a club that he and I had when we first met. I'm not that great, and I tend to tear down what I make, until I get it just right, but its fun to me. When I'm not doing that, I hang around my home sim with my sweetheart and our lil family, or club hop and dance the day away, or shop the day away hehe.

And my bad, or good, shopping habits lead me to find Traken's shop, Flavor!

I have a .. hair fetish? I love hair. And when I found Flavor, I think I started to wear my welcome out with Traken, for being there so often to see new styles out and bringing some friends in with me here and there. I love the variety of hair styles and jewelry items, and couldn't help but send in an application to work, repeatedly LOL, so I could try to help sell and show off the hair and shop that I'd come to love.

Each day I come in, the staff are welcoming, fun to joke around with, but amazingly dedicated to welcome the customers and willing to help in any way possible. It's not like coming to work at all. It's more like coming to a second home where you can relax and do your job without the usual job pressures. I smile clocking in, and am still smiling when I clock out for the wonderful atmosphere and relaxing I feel while there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Make Him Over Hunt Prizes!

Yea! Another new hunt for you to get your share of Flavor! This is a men-only hunt, but as always, most of our styles are unisex, so ladies... if you're taking your boyfriend, friend, hubby, brother or just some lucky stranger around to get his look updated, you might want to snatch these up too!!!
We wanted to include a sampling of what is available for men here at our shop, and we think we did pretty good. Included in the gift is three hunt exclusive colors of the MH3 (chestnut, midnight and sunburn), a hunt exclusive version of the Lucient II that includes a bandanna, and the Locked collar and cuff set.
Out of 174 vendors, we're 36th on the list and we couldn't be happier! We're anxious to show what Flavor! has to offer men, and these gifts are just a small taste. Helping to make a better looking Second Life, one avi at a time! This is a great hunt, so have fun with this, take care and happy hunting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spotlight on the Flavor Girls!!!

We've decided to let you have a look at the hot Flavor! employees, so every week we're going to spotlight one special person. Here's to them... they help make Flavor! what it is everyday.

Greenfayrie Lorefield

When she's not working part-time at the Flavor! main store as a live model, Greenfayrie Lorefield (or Fay, as she likes to be called) can be found with friends, shopping, enjoying the SL art scene, dancing or just relaxing. She loves wandering around the grid and seeing all the wonderful places people have built. She has built her own little forest that she loves, complete with hummingbirds, chipmunks and a peacock. She says she loves working at Flavor! because meeting new people is so much fun, and getting a peek at the newest styles is a great perk! Here she's pictured wearing the "Fay Princess" style, can you guess why she likes it so much?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lucient II

We got such an overwhelming response to the Lucient, we've decided to make a different version of it. This one is just as long, just as straight and just as sexy... Maybe even sexier. Based on many requests, we've opened up the front of the style a bit so more of the face can be seen better. The fat pack has 21 colors and you can buy it for a limited time for $550L and the color packs for $99L. Look for these specially priced packs when you enter the store... They'll be right in front of you! After the first week, they'll return to their normal price of $225L for the color packs and $1100 for the fat pack.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We're on a hair accesory roll. Ashley, is a bohemian cute mid-length style with an adorable little knit cap. The bangs are long and flattering on everyone, the caps are color and texture change, so the possibilities are endless. It comes in all the usual flavor colors and the naturals. The fat-pack will be going on sale tomorrow for 50% off the usual price of $1100L, so, while on sale for $550L, you'll be paying less than 30 per color. Is that a steal or what? If you won't want to go all the way with the fatpack, the color packs will sell for $99L each, with a regular price of $225L.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hunt

Okay with all these hunts going on, we thought we'd give some sneak peeks at the prizes. In the "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" hunt, we're 10th on the list of vendors and surrounded by great company! This was the first ever hair hunt we ever heard of so we just HAD to be a part of it! We made three special colors for women and three for men. For the ladies, we have Bluelights, Greenlights and Redlights, and for the guys, Manic Grape, Blue Steel and Straw. The really great thing about this hunt prize... it's that it's unisex... so if you're not opposed to doing a little resizing, it's like you're getting SIX colors!!!


This cute little bob is the epitome of sweetness. It has a texture-changing, color changing headband, sexy flirty little bangs and falls just to the nape of your neck. Think casual Sunday afternoons in the park... sweater sets and comfy jeans. You can find it in all the usual Flavor! colors, blacks, browns, blondes, red, and red2, our naturals line in blondes and browns, and also the fat pack. As usual, color packs are on sale for $99L each and the fat pack is %50 off the usual price, making it $550L, for the first week only, after that, it will go to the usual price of $225L per color pack and $1100L for the fat pack.

Friday, October 2, 2009


The latest addition to the Flavor! Designs men's line. We have gotten a lot of requests for longer hair, and here it is. Slightly messy, straight and silky, each color and texture have been totally redone for this style. All of the usual colors are here, black, blonde, brown, red and red2, and then we have blonde and brown in the naturals. The fat pack includes all 21 colors. For the first week, the color packs are $99L each and the fat pack is 50% off at $575L. (After the first week, the fat pack will be $1150L and the color packs will be $225L.)