Monday, March 29, 2010

Flavor! Designs Group Gift:::

April is almost on us.. so I figured why wait!! so the new group fatpacks are in the store now!!

Mens: Devillocks

and womens:

If your curious what it is im talking about.. come into Flavor! Designs add yourself to the group.. and walk to the back of the store.. I keep 2 full fatpacks of hair.. one for men one for women (changed up at least once a month) set to FREE!!! just wear your tag and touch the gift.. its that easy..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Henleys- Pushed Up

Flavor! Designs heard your desire for a shirt sleeved version of the Henley and Flavor! Designs has not let you down!The latest clothing release for men from Flavor! are the Henleys- Pushed Up! Available in lots of colors for any type of style!
The shirts have great sculpted cuffs and a superbly detailed collar. Available for purchase separately or as a fat pack right now at Flavor Designs!
P.S.- Until the end of today (Sunday) make sure to look closely at the prices on the just might be set to 0L *winks*

Lowrider Jeans Are Here!

Whatever you need to look good in SL, Flavor! Designs has got you covered! With the new Lowrider Jeans you can be head to toe fabulous in Flavor!The new jeans are daringly low, begging for a crop top and a sexy behind to finish them off! Only in SL can we have perfectly pert bottoms and flat stomachs all of the time and what better way to show them off than these fabulously low-cute pants!The Lowrider jeans are available in many colors, as well as fat packs, at the usual low Flavor! prices. Come down today and grab your own pair!
*Hair worn is called Robyn and is also available from Flavor!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinful Shirts

Flavor! Designs knows YOU have many flavors of your own and has released something to help you show them all.

The newest release for women is the Sinful Shirts line. The shirts are cut dangerously low on top and just long enough on bottom to play bikini cover up or teeny tiny mini dress. You can have a completely opaque top for more serious situations, slightly sheer for a daring first date and very sheer for a wild night out.
Sets are 75L per color and include opaque, sheer, and very sheer. Yes, that's THREE shirts for only 75L! Fat packs are also available of course.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab yours!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Flavor! Designs wants you to be sexy while also being comfortable. The latest clothing release for men has you covered!The Henley shirts come in a wide array of colors to match any look!The perfect detail of the neckline and the sculpted cuffs make this shirt a classic piece you will want to reach for again and again.Single colors of this great piece are only 75L! And today ONLY you can grab one color in store for 0L. Yes, 0L! Makes a great match to the free group gift hair for men, Lucient II, worn in the photos too.Shirts are available in singles and there is a fat pack option as well.Come down to Flavor! and grab yours now!

Easter Hats!

Mary Sue might be seriously hot...but she is also having a seriously fun time with the new Easter hats from Clawtooth, available now at Flavor! Designs!The new Easter hats come in all the colors to match the new Mary Sue dresses and hair. Tiny eggs, ribbons, and even a baby chick sit atop this wonderfully sculpted topper. Perfect for family photos and egg hunts!Even though the hat was made for Mary Sue it is unisex and can be worn by festive folks of both genders and all sizes!
The hat is not made by Flavor! but by a great store called Clawtooth and was made to match the Mary Sue sets exactly. The hats are super cute and now you can come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab a piece of the fun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ritual Pendants For Male and Female!

Flavor! Designs has released new jewelry this week for men and women!The female necklaces contain symbols as diverse as can be, from ankhs to hearts, crosses and more! Strong women of all types will be able to showcase important aspects of their identities for the world to see in a stylish and unique way.Neclaces are available for men as well! Flavor! doesn't leave the men out in the cold, that's for sure.Men's sets have a few changes in symbols but no change in quality! Necklaces are made of strong links and bold pendants, fit for tough guys and romantic types alike.Female necklaces can be bought in heart, ankh, cross, triquetra, and pentagram.Male necklaces can be bought in anarchy, ankh, cross, and triquetra.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and snatch them up in singles or fat packs!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mary Sue

Oh Mary Sue, if you're wondering if I want you to....I want you to! And Flavor! Designs has her!
Mary Sue is the latest clothing and hair release for women from Flavor! Designs. Based on an ideal retro woman but perfect for today's stylish ladies, the Mary Sue set suits all of your vintage summer needs! That's right, summer is coming and you know you always need a reason to bare your legs and decolletage! The Mary Sue set let's you be daring while baring a bit...just enough to make the boys want to come closer in hopes of seeing more. And did I mention that each dress comes with matching shoes??The Mary Sue hair is the perfect summer ponytail with a cute color change gingham ribbon in the back. The adorable curl on the front is swoon worthy and works wonder with any vintage or modern look.All styles are available in fat packs as well as a wide range of single colors to suit any taste.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and be the girl who stops traffic!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Group Gifts for March @ Flavor

Hey guys...

Every Month Flavor! Designs releases 2 Fatpacks of hair(one for women.. one for men) Free for just being in the group. There are also many items given through the group or discounted items just for group members.. Each week I have something new and different for my members. This months group gifts are as follows...

Lucient Men's Hair .. 21 full colors for Free!! as well as..

Wisper 21 color fatpack .. again.. Free just for joining the group..

so come in today and get your free hair .. and check out all the incredible designs and new styles that Flavor! has available right now!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Kaine is a new clothing release for men from Flavor! Designs. Fitted button-up shirts in a wide array of patterns, from simple to wild, there is surely something for every taste!The Kaine shirts include shirt on jacket layer as well as prim collars and cuffs. Shirts are sold individually as well as in a fat pack for your shopping and styling ease. Worn easily with anything from jeans to tight leather pants, these shirts are sure to become a wardrobe staple.
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and complete your wardrobe!


Robyn is the latest hair release for women from Flavor! Designs. Robyn is sleek and chic and sure to be one of your new favorite styles.Robyn is an angular style covering one eye to give you a mysterious look that draws people in. Fashionistas, rockers, and every day women can pull off this look, turning even simple basic black from "nice enough" to "Wow! Where did you get that!?" Unique and perfectly crafted, you may very well never want to change hair again!Robyn is available in three color packs as well as fat packs and demos are always free! Come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab your new favorite hair!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kandy and Jrawk Goes Lady

Kandy is the latest female clothing release from Flavor! Designs. The Kandy outfit is perfect for going out, for working out, for staying in and for being part of the in crowd. Skin tight is all right with Kandy! Just don't call this Kandy sweet...The Kandy outfit contains top on jacket layer, pants, and sculpted cuffs. Available in a wide range of colors so you can find the perfect flavor for you!

Also worn is the new Lady Jrawk hair! After the release of the J-rawk for men there was quite a demand for a female version so, as always, Flavor! Designs came through! Check out the wild style with a care-free edge made just for you. Availble now in three color packs and even a fat pack for the girls that want it all.
Check out a few more colors of Kandy here:
And some more popular colors of Lady J-rawk!
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and show how delicious your flavor really is!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

60L Sunday Kilts!

The popular kilts are the 60L Sunday item today at Flavor! Designs!
There are three colors available this weekend only for 60L each. Sets include kilt, top, pants, leggings and anklets in coordinating colors.

Take the taxi to Flavor! Designs today and grab up this deal before it's gone!


Flavor! Designs has released J-Hawk for men and women and the style tells quite a story...

J was a man trapped in a place he had never intended to go. In fact, he didn't know how he arrived there at all. It had been days and he was tired, hungry, thirsty, and almost ready to give up...just not until he spoke to LJ once more.

LJ could hear him, faintly, on the other side of a wall made of a strong substance unknown to her...or to anyone she knew, she thought. She begged him not to give up but knew she was ready to as well. No sign of anyone outside this techno-cage in days, no sign of help.
Finally expressing his love for LJ, J went down to the floor and exhaled. He was tired and he would sleep, not sure if he would wake up.
LJ sunk down, sliding against the wall where she heard his last words. He was her other half, her soul mate; if he was gone she didn't want to be around. Plus, she was so, so tired. And that's when the hidden door slid open and the creatures came for them...J-Hawk is the latest hair release from Flavor! Designs and is available for men and women!
J-Hawk is available in the usual three color packs and fat packs, with the addition of some extra fun, bright colors for the brave!
Take a ride down to Flavor! Designs today and be a story of your own!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jrawk and Men's Twisted Gift!

Jrawk is the latest hair release for men from Flavor! Designs. Short and spiky with an extra kick in the back, it's perfect for late-night partying and rebellious rockers! The longer tendrils in the front accentuate the soulful eyes of any lead singer pouring his heart into an audience of willing women. Jrawk is the perfect style for the leading man!Grab Jrawk in three color packs for only 99L (first week after the release only, 225L after that) or in fat packs!Also make sure to grab the Twisted Hunt gift for men, the awesome pentacle necklace and cuffs!Come down to Flavor! and grab your gift and try a free demo of one of many rocking styles today!