Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sarah is the latest hair release for women from Flavor! Designs. Smooth, yet slightly shaggy, and all rock and roll, this style is great for the free-spirited fashionista who wants it all!Sarah is available in all the classic three color packs and fat pack and also introducing the two-tone version! Yes, you can have two colors in one to coordinate perfectly with any ensemble or to get your way when you can't decide what color you feel like wearing.Come on down to Flavor! Designs today and get the perfect style and color to reflect YOUR personal flavor!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Astral Dresses

Flavor Designs! has released a new outfit for women! The Astral dresses are perfect for those who love to look unique and lovely. The symbols and cut evoke thoughts of science fiction, mythology, and astrology all at the same time.The astral sets come with tops and bottoms on all layers, socks, skirt with sculpted top, and sculpted arm bands. Sets are sold individually or in fat packs of all colors for your every mood.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and get it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Cheva is the latest male hair release from Flavor! Designs. Cheva is a longer, straight, style that curves at the ends asymmetrically. This style is perfect for rockers and romantics alike! Cheva is great for all you rockers with a lust for life! This style is now available in all of Flavor!'s amazing colors and sold in three color packs or fat packs for you thrifty chameleons. Unleash your inner bad boy! Come on down to Flavor! Designs today an grab a free demo!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lady Cheva

Lady Cheva is one of the latest female hair releases from Flavor! Designs. The style is simple but still has an extra kick to it! The straight hair falling over the left eye, ending in a slight wave, gives the feeling of a girl who is too busy with living her life to bother with over-done locks. Lady Cheva wakes up and throws on something which to her is easy but to the rest of the world looks cool and confident. She finger combs her hair and tucks it behind one ear, grabs her guitar, and heads out to face the world that knows she's a star before she does.Lady Cheva is available for purchase in three-color packs or in fat packs. All of the usual colors are available so there is something to fit everyone!Come down to Flavor! Designs today and release your inner rock star with Lady Cheva! Demos are free as always!


Leala is one of the latest hair releases for women from Flavor! Designs. Leala evokes the feeling of sunny days on the sand. Soaking in the rays under a big umbrella and sipping drinks, Leala might not go in the water but she will for sure be near a cabana boy!

Leala is available in three color packs as well as fat packs. The hat is color and texture change to match any look!! Knit, straw, red, blue, anything for you!

Come down to Flavor! Designs today and try a free demo. We'll make you look good enough to land your own personal cabana boy ;D

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Take a trip back to those nights on the beach, right after the sun goes down, where you didn't have a care in the world. You throw a sweater on over your bikini and tie your hair up in loose braids, looking as relaxed and happy as you feel. The fire has been lit and there is nothing left to do but sit back, snuggled in your loved ones arms, and enjoy.Leigh is a new hair style for women from Flavor! Designs. Pig tail braids loosely tied with black cord give the impression of the sort of easy, youthful beauty we all love. Available in three color packs or in fat packs at a discounted price!Demos are free so come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab your little slice of summer.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Return of Allison!

Allison never fit in well, never could conform to the strict dress codes required by the school authorities. She would wear different socks, hair accessories, or bracelets and was just made to remove them right away. What could she do with her uniform that they couldn't make her take off? She saw the fabric dye at the store and had an idea. They certainly couldn't take away her skirt! And burgundy never really matched her complexion anyway.With the new add-on packs for the popular Allison set you too can express yourself with the colors you love! The Allison add-ons include skirts, backpacks, and collar-tie combos in a variety of bright, fun, colors to match any of the existing Allison sets. You can find out more about the original Allison sets HERE.Flavor! is branching out further into clothing and other items and we hope you will join us in our growth! All clothing, hair, and the shape in the photo was created for Flavor! Designs. Come down to Flavor! today and make your perfect av!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Running across the salted earth that was once a rolling meadow you approach the enemy camp shortly before sunrise. This is the best time to attack, when they are all sleeping or exhausted. They won't be expecting an attack from the natives at this hour but you have never gone along with what they expected. Hundreds of years after it has been banned by the invaders you still wear the symbol of your ravaged homeland, the kilt, though this one has been modified to meet the demands of an underground warrior in the cyber times. You pull a transmitter from a hidden pouch and give the go ahead to the rest of the fighters hidden not too far away. For the first time in 350 years you have a chance to reclaim the land for its people. And a good chance it is.The latest clothing release from Flavor! Designs is this amazing kilt set! The set includes tank top, pants, kilt with lovely prim decorations, leggings, and anklets. The kilt can be worn by men as well! Colors may be purchased separately or in a fat pack and all items are copyable as well as modifiable. Come down to Flavor! Designs and grab your own!

P.S.- In first photo, the arm bracers as well as boots are part of the Ahnnika set and may be purchased separately!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Minis and Free Hair for New Players!

Flavor! Designs has created another must-have clothing item. The new mini dresses fit every curve and come in a wide variety of patterns from classic to ultra bold. The dresses are perfect for the carefree fashionista, the type of woman who could have a different date every night of the week if she so desired but prefers solo shows with an acoustic guitar and late nights out with the girls.The new dresses come in several fabrics from dark and shiny to soft and bright. They even come in a couple very Bohemian type patterns, matching perfectly with the new free hair for avatars under 30 days of age. Yes, Flavor! now has several styles for men and women for new players so bring your newbie friends in for a high quality introduction to SL creations.As usual, all styles are available for purchase in individual patterns or in a fat pack for a special price. Dresses are copiable and modifiable to ensure the perfect fit to any body type.Click HERE for your slurl to the new Flavor! Designs main store.

On a personal note, I was wearing these dresses around for a few days after Traken passed them to me and I got tons of compliments everywhere I went. These dresses are not for the wallflower, they are for the girl who wants to be noticed! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Kely had always been the small, quiet one in school. He was either ignored or teased and never made many friends. Then one summer Kely changed. He was no longer the little guy. When he went back to school people treated him differently...but he wasn't interested in them. He knew he was an outsider and now he liked it. He was different and always would be. As he stood in front of the mirror, feeling the smooth sides of his freshly shaved scalp, he FELT different. He was honest. He was real. He was better.Kely is the latest men's hair release from Flavor! Designs. Kelly starts off as a classic mohawk but then gets an extra edge with a longer fringe in the back. Perfect for rebels and rock stars of many sorts! Available in three color packs and even fat packs.Click HERE for your school bus ride to Flavor! Designs today!
And don't forget to join the Flavor! Flickr group to share your flavor.

Kelso and 50L Shirts!

Kelso walked away from the fight with shirt torn open and a bloody nose. He walked down the street, meeting the uncomfortable gazes of strangers with full confidence. When one man stared a little too long Kelso stared back, finally smirking, and simply stated "You should see the other guy."Kelso is a new hair release for men from Flavor! Designs. Kelso is a classic mohawk fit for any punk ready to rock. Available in all the colors you love in packs of three and even fat packs!The new open front shirts can be worn by men and women and are available with several different decal options. Sculpted prim cuffs and collar complete the look. This weekend only you can grab these shirts for only 50L each!! Starting Monday they will go back to their regular price of 125L, so grab them now while you have a chance for this great deal!Click HERE for your bus ride to Flavor! Designs main store.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hester is in Stitches

Hester worked in the lab studying the effects of a new regenerative chemical compound on mice and rats. It was not ready for human testing. Yes, it kept the rats alive much longer than normal, making them almost invincible. If only they could get rid of the little problem with the aggression...Then one day Hester leaned a little too close to the cage when observing the rats fighting. She pinned her hair back to keep it out of her eyes; in that split second when she wasn't paying complete attention the rat scratched. She felt first. Then a little sick. Then the scratches appeared. Then Hester died. And that was only the beginning.Hester is a new hair release from Flavor! Designs for women. The short style has an angled cut and a slightly shaggy feel to it without going into messy territory. An adorable hair pin holds back the bangs to show off your lovely facial stitches......Yes, facial stitches! Flavor! Designs has gone Hot For Zombies!! This set of sculpted stitches is a donation for the event with 100% of proceeds going to the Red Cross. The set includes stitches for your face, chest, arm, leg and stomach. These are not just tattoo layers, these are fully sculpted stitches!! Come get scary for charity!
Come down to the Flavor! Designs main store and grab one of the free demos for Hester and lots of other fab styles! And don't forget the Hot For Zombies charity event located HERE.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Kimmy is a bit tough but also very soft. A bit tousled and also very put together. She's a beautiful oxymoron that can wear a glamorous gown at night but looks great in her boyfriends shirt the next morning.Kimmy is one of the latest releases for women form Flavor! Designs. A slightly angled bob with razor-cut edges ending just past the chin, this style is flattering on many shapes and goes with many styles.Come down to Flavor! Designs' new location today and try a free demo!