Friday, May 28, 2010


This new release from Flavor! really makes me feel the summer arriving. I imagined myself in a sunny day, with friends, wearing this amazing Desire dress.

All the seasons have their romantism and spring and summer have all to do with romantism. The flowers, the sun, the happiness of the moments, the hot weather that make people feel happy.
It's also reflected in the fashion too. I can say that this dress is a romantic summer experience. Why don't you come and try it yourself?

It's Desire. Available in 6 colors, with jewelry included (necklace and bracelets).

Come and know... this is Desire!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flavor! Designs Kaine - 60L weekend group

Starting today.. for the 60L weekend group.. we have marked our entire fatpacks of Kaine Mens shirts.. and the entire fatpack of Mini dresses down to .. you guessed it.. just 60L

Eros Fenutzini

Flavor! Designs -

Flavor! Designs Grunge Lace Skirt

Those of you who liked the grunge tops we released last week.. we have a small addition for you.. a resize scripted skirt to match .. made of fully flowing lace flexible prims.. Flavor! Designs Grunge Lace Skirt made to go  with the Grunge Corset Tops but you can wear them with whatever you so desire ;) Two layers of lace for that extra movement.

Eros Fenutzini

Flavor! Designs -

Cheeleader at Flavor! University

We are proud to announce the release of "Cheerleader" Full complete outfits.. the outfit consists of resize scripted shoes and skirt.. Pom Poms.. Socks, Panties and of course the top.. (top is on shirt layer for later release of our varsity Jacket and panties are on pants layer for the ability to wear tattoo layers on underpants).

The outfit comes in 6 different colors including Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Purple, Green and until sunday are available for only 50L.

Enjoy it!

Flavor! Designs -

Eros Fenutzini

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let me introduce you, Winnie!

Winnie is the brand new hair from Flavor! Designs. I will not mention that it is perfect for those that loved the neko or elfo style, all of those that need to find a hair to fit with their ears, but this hair has such a great texture.

This hair is available in many colors and for sure one (or some of them... lol) will please you. From blondies to brunettes, colors or just white.
This hairstyle is great for social events, for example. You can use it in some special ocasion when you need to look like you just left the hair salon and is ready to go! elegant and charm. This is Winnie.

Please hurry up and get your favorite color per 50L!!! Until the 23rd, everything at Flavor! Designs costs only 50L!!! It includes the releases!!!!!! Come and renew your wardrobe, from the bottom to the top!

Introducing Flavor! Designs Karnal Oxfords and Tshirts for men

There are 5 different oxfords in the set.. each sold seperately. The Oxford comes with Jacket and black Tshirt (shirt and underpants layers) to complete the look.. other tshirts sold seperately. 

Right now till the 23rd everything is still marked down to 50L but after that.. the oxford with black tshirt will be priced at 225 and the tshirt will be 125 ..  resizeable cuffs and collar are included with each oxford. 

The Tshirt on the other hand can all be purchased seperately as well.. each tshirt comes with Jacket layer as well as Shirt and underpants layers .. so you can layer them as you might need with any Jacket layer.. there are 6 colors to choose from 
The package you have recieved has all of the items included in it and is for sale in the store as a full fatpack for 1500L 

Take the taxi
 Flavor! Designs -

Eros Fenutzini

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yes! Once again Flavor is having a party.. and you are invited.. where? @ Flavor! Designs
what? a 5k lindens prize for best in Flavorful outfit (yes that means fruit food chocolate syrup) etc etc.. no that doesn't mean you have to wear Flavor items to win.. and yes.. its open for anyone who dresses for the event.

Now.. some additional bits of info!! 15 items in the store are marked down to 0L yes.. Free! as well as everything else marked down to 50L . the end of the party comes and those 0L items will be marked back up to 50L .. so definitely the time is now. Our 50L sale continues till next sunday but why wait till the last minute?

and finally when? 5pm SLT May 15th!! Hope to see you all here


New Male Long Sleeve Tee's @ Flavor! Designs

The new releases for guys this last week at Flavor! Desings was his great pack of Long Sleeves Tee's. It comes in 4 colors and is a must have item to everyguy.

Long sleeve's tees are good to be worn with jeans or even a little more formal pants. You can wear shoes or tennis, you will have a great look.

You can make the style bad boy or the good one, formal or informal, it is up to you! Just make your match! Choose your color, or all of them at Flavor! Designs.
And the don't forget, all the items are 50L until May 23rd!!!! You can't miss it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are you ready to the summer?

Are you ready to the summer? Flavor! Designs released this week a great collection of swimwear. Modern and beautiful, they are a great option for you to get ready to the summer.

These are really great options for you to enjoy the wonderful beaches that we can find around SL. And wearing one of them, you will be the most beautiful pixels around!

Let's go girls! Get ready to the summer! Get your sunblock, your new swimwear and let's get ready!

Oh, and please, you can't miss it! Until the 23rd, Flavor! Designs is on sale!!! Everything s only 50L! Any item of your choice, only 50L.... and yes, it means this new release too!!! And also, this is a great opportunity to know Flavor! Desings new store.

See you at Flavor!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This post is full of rich information! First of all, the new releases of the week! You must come and check the new Flavor! Designs store.

There are some items that can not miss in a girl's wardrobe, such like tops! And here you go! Modern and expressive tops in several colors.

These one are called Grunge Love, indicated for modern and romantic girls! Available at the store in 12 colors for you to choose or still the fatpack (what is a great option too!)

These are called Grunge Nature, with nature theme and also in 12 colors of the fatpack. These tops are good to be used with jeans, skirts, shorts and they will give you a sophisticated and informal look. You can complete your look with some cool earrings and necklaces too.

And I will give you some reasons to come and get your tops:
1) they are really great, well done, modern and I know you already loved them
2) it is mother's day!!! if you have a SL mom, you must give her a nice gift and it is an amazing suggestion. Maybe you are a mom in RL.. if not, just come and get! You deserve it!
3) This is a very important reason: Flavor! Designs is on sale! And any item at the store is 50L! Yes, only 50L, except the fatpack that will have a proportional price, of course.

This is to celebrate Flavor! Desings new store! You must come and know it, it's really worth. Update your landmarks and stay tunned in the news! There is much more coming!

Where? At Flavor! Desings -

Also, I would like to say that we're very honored and proud to be part of this team that is like a family! Thanks Traken and Fay for the invitation for me and Eros to come and work with you! It will be a great time and for sure very fun!

Yes its that time again.. Flavor! Designs is on sale once more.. cept this time its not just hair.. no.. its not just our very newest releases.. no.. its everything in the store marked down to 50L (does NOT include fatpacks) every clothing set.. every 3 color pack of hair.. every necklace or jewelry set.. all marked down to 50L . .

What I plan on doing is running this sale for about 2 weeks.. Starting Monday there will begin a hunt. 10 items will be marked down to 0L yes Free during the remainder of the sale and come next sunday we will be throwing a party. I will be Djing and having a contest.. the winner of which will receive 5000L ..

So lots of stuff going on at Flavor! Designs... Keep your eyes open for more info reguarding sale and party!!

See you all Soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bored? Get Board!

Flavor! Designs has released some fabulous board shorts for men and women!Perfect for summer fun, these board shorts come in patterns to match many of the bikini styles recently released so you can mix and match! The high quality textures and sculpted front tie make these shorts ones you will be wearing all summer as you stroll the sandy beaches of SL!Available to purchase in 11 styles or as a fat pack, these shorts are ready for you today down at Flavor! Designs.

*Personal Note:
I have been blogging for Flavor! for many months now and this is my last post. The experience has been great! I just want to leave by saying that in a virtual world where people anonymously lie, cheat, steal and be cruel it is important to find stores where you can spend your hard earned money knowing it is going to someone genuine and honest; Traken and Fay, the designers behind Flavor!, have never been anything but themselves....and what they are is wonderful.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Men's Jeans Now At Flavor!

Flavor! Designs always has you men covered and these new jeans are just for you!The men's cuffed jeans are perfectly textured with a fashionably sculpted hem. If you are tired of going into a shop and seeing only jeans low enough to make plumbers blush or seeing n00b quality, poorly photo sourced textures, then these should be a breath of fresh air to you!
Jeans available in six colors of denim to match any mood from a super light, classic wash to deep black. Sculpts are modifiable so they will fit any man!Come down to Flavor! Designs today where you can always expect great quality, affordable prices and style!

Sinful Bikinis at Flavor!

Flavor! Designs has released some great new bikinis in dark tones!The bikinis are a new addition to the Sinful Bikinis line. The last release was of bright, bold colors. The new set is the same popular style but in patterns that are darker, daring, and perfect for those who love the beach but don't love the wild colors of the last release.Available in five great patterns with fun names like Creeper, Jeddi and Alien, there is sure to be a version to fit you! Each bikini comes with multiple clothing layers and sculpted hip and neck ties. Each set also includes a PG and Rated R version for the more daring.Come down today and grab or a full fat pack of these great new releases from Flavor! Designs!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Suede Riding Jackets For Women!

Flavor! Designs knows you are a tough, sexy woman and has a great new release just for you!The Suede Riding Jackets are perfect for the woman on the road or in the home as long as she is a free spirit with a rock and roll soul!Jackets come in red, tan and black to go with virtually any look. Sets include clothing layers, sculpted cuffs, sculpted belt, and sculpted buckled collar.Come down to Flavor! Designs today and let your wild child free!
*Hair, Pants, and Bikini top also available for sale at Flavor!

Cuffed Jeans for Women!

Flavor! Designs has released some fabulous new cuffed jeans for women!The waist band on these jeans is the perfect height for showing off your tiny summer tops! Not too high, and not too low, the jeans sit perfectly low on the hips. The sculpted cuffs complete the look of a truly realistic pair of pants!
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and grab one of six great colors or even a fat pack with a discount off of the already low price!
Click HERE for a ride to Flavor!