Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Planet Earth is under attack! Many have lost hope and simply wait for the end...but they don't know about you. You're their last hope! You prepare yourself for a battle that many think is impossible to win; can you survive the fallout?Fallout is a new full outfit release from Flavor! Designs for men. The set contains belt, boots, collar, pants, jacket, shoulders, mask, arm band, and bracers. Each piece can be purchased individually, in a full one color set, or (at a large discount) the complete fat pack of all colors and pieces.Come down to Flavor! Designs HERE and become to hero you always wanted to be.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Elise is a new women's hair style created for Flavor! Designs. This style is inspired by vintage glamor and sophistication. The front is full and pushed up high, a great feature that fits many face shapes, transitioning into the more spunky back full of tight curls. The hair can be worn with styles from sexy and modern to prim and proper vintage.Flavor! Designs three hair packages sell for 225L and fat packs sell for 1100L. Come on down to Flavor! Designs and try a free demo today because you know you need a cute updo for all those New year's Eve parties going on! Click HERE for your ride to Flavor! Designs.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


A man like Dresden doesn't need a hat or a scarf in the cold. He doesn't button his coat and he certainly won't wear mittens. Dresden is hot enough already.
Dresden is the latest release male release from Flavor! Designs. Dresden was released last week but a certain store blogger forgot to post it. *Cough* Better late than never though since this is a style that won't be going out of fashion any time soon!
Flavor! Designs three hair packages sell for 225L and fat packs sell for 1100L. Come down to Flavor! today and try a free demo!


Ahnnika leaves the safety of the underground fortress only after securing her mask. She lowers her goggles and sets off in a run, aware the entire time of her surroundings and what lurks around each corner.
Life for a girl like Ahnnika means always watching your back.
Ahnnika is the new release from Flavor! Designs. Ahnnika is not hair....Ahnnika is not jewelry...yes, you see correctly, Ahnnika is a full outfit from Flavor! The full set includes Dress and other clothing layers (which also includes the tintable chain mesh under shirt!), boots, bracers, shoulder pieces, color change mask, and arm bands.
Each piece can be purchased separately for between 150L-300L but you can purchase full sets and even the fat pack at a deeply discounted price.
The pieces match wonderfully with the previously released Drakkon hair. the hair was made for men but sizes down VERY easily for women (as do most of the men's hair styles, actually, such as the Dresden style below.)
Come down to Flavor! Designs today and see for you yourself how well you and Ahnnika can get along!

Monday, December 14, 2009


During the day Trixxy takes care of the kids, cleans the house, cooks, runs all the errands. Trixxy loves being the mom and never regrets staying home. All the other women in the neighborhood envy her perfect house, perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect life. All the men in the neighborhood envy Trixxy's husband...
Trixxy is a saucy little hair style recently released by Flavor! Designs. The style has the kitschy flip that makes everyone think of the old-fashioned stay-at-home mom but it also has just enough volume and even a bit of spikiness to make it modern and slightly naughty. Trixxy is 225L per THREE color pack and 1100L for a fat pack of EVERY color. If you come down within the first week of release you can grab this style for only 99L per pack and 550L for the entire color range!!

Click HERE to teleport to Flavor! Designs and try a free demo today!


Mya is the latest new release for women from Flavor! Designs. This very unique style can take you from boardroom to bedroom, kitchen to catwalk! My favorite look with this release is the "chic and studious" style of dress. Wearing this style makes me feel like one of the elusive few women in the world who can earn a doctorate AND a modeling contract. And who doesn't want that?
All Flavor! Designs styles are 99L per THREE color pack and 550L per FAT PACK the first week of release. After that the price goes up to 225L per pack and 1100L for a fat pack, which is still highly affordable for a style this versatile.
Flavor Designs is located HERE. Come down and try a free demo!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Dark meets light in the male Twisted Krissmuss item from Flavor! Designs. This hair hangs teasingly in the eyes, playfully, sweetly...but the unkempt spikes tell a different story.

At only 100L for the pack this transferable hair style makes a great gift for the man who is oh so naughty in all the nice ways.

See this gift and more in the 2009 twisted Krissmuss event! Click HERE for a tp to Flavor Designs!

New Men's Freebie!!

You work hard for your money and Flavor! Designs knows this. We invite you to sit down, take your shoes off, crack open a cold one, and relax. There's no need to worry about where your L's come from when you can get this free hair, all month long, as Flavor!'s holiday gift to you hard working men.
The Lithium style in the oak color shown will be free all through December. Low on cost? Yes. Low on style? Heck no. Head over to Flavor! Designs today and grab this handsome haircut, free for all the sexy males bringing home the bacon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


OK...Flavor! has soooo many good deals, new releases, and free gifts coming up this weekend!! I am starting the posts with a preview of Relly, the new Twisted Krissmuss item for ladies. Isn't she lovely with the asymmetrical way her hair falls? The style is sleek and smooth, mature yet fun, and will be perfect for all your winter get-ups whether you are a snow bunny or Santa's naughty helper.
The Twisted Krissmuss event starts on December 7th. All items in the event, which is Grid Wide, are 100L and TRANSFERABLE, i.e.- they make fabulous gifts! Flavor! Designs is co-sponoring the event so you know there will be lots of fun things at the store.
Bet you can't wait to head over to Flavor! Designs and grab this style! A little birdy told me the item will be out sometime later today so you won't even have to wait until the 7th, hehe!