Monday, September 21, 2009


This is the style that will make punks sit up and take notice. It has all of the attitude, but none of the commitment you get with a mohawk. Short, spikey and in a big variety of colors, you should have at least one pack. It comes in the usual blacks, browns, blondes, reds and reds 2, and we have our naturals line, in blondes, browns and reds, highlights pack, darken pack and the oddities pack. New releases are always on sale for the first week for $99L per color pack and 50% off the regular price for the fatpack. Currently, the fatpack is on sale for $750L. for a whopping 33 colors, so come snatch it up before September 26th when the fatpack will be $1500L and the color packs will be the usual $225L.

JRotten Girls

Who would have thought something so PUNK could be so CHIC?! This short style, designed after the infamous punker Johnny Rotten, and initially designed for men, looks really hot on women. With every texture and color your could possibly want, JRotten Girls will sure to be a regular in your rotation of hair styles. We have the usual blacks, browns, blondes, reds and reds2, but we also have the naturals line of browns, blondes and reds, along with blue, purple, darken and oddities. The normal price for each pack is $225L, and the fatpack, with 39 colors will be $1500L. During the first week, however, the prices are $99L for a color pack and $750 for the fat pack. Come get them while they're hot!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tech Warrior for Men and Women

If you liked the Tech Evolve and the Predator styles, but thought they were just a bit "too much" for you, then you're going to love Tech Warrior. A long mohawk dreads style, it's pulled back with some long bangs in the front. And for good measure, we added some colored glowy dreads for flavor. (pun intended) It's badass glowy goodness, even more punk than the normal cyber punk. And you wanted color? Ha! We have red, purple, pink, white, yellow, green, blue, all on either white or black. Each color pack is $225L or you can get the fat pack with all 14 colors for $1500L, or come in before September 19th to catch it on sale for $99L per color pack and $750L for the fat pack. what a steal!

Evolve Warrior for Men and Women

Okay with this new style, we've pulled out all the stops. not only do we have this in cyber punk variations (see the Tech Warrior), but we've also pulled out a TON of new textures and colors for this version! Each color pack has 4 hairs in it, and the fat pack has an amazing 35 colors! As always the first week is $99L for each color pack, that comes out to be less than $25L per style!, and the 35 color fat pack is ONLY $750L! The colors offered are blacks, browns, blondes, reds, reds2, naturals blondes, naturals browns, naturals reds and naturals oddities. Come snap up these steals before September 19th, when they'll be going to their regular prices of $225L per color pack and $1500L for the fat pack, which is STILL a steal! Are we insane? Well, maybe... but we prefer the term "intense".


Shoulder length, thick and choppy, Winter is bound to be a staple in your hair collection. Bohemian and casual, the layers give this style a shape that's flattering to even the most delicate of facial structures. On sale for the first week for $99L per color pack and $500L for the 18 color fat pack, get them before the pricing goes up to the regular price of $225L per color pack and $1000L for the 18 color fat pack. The colors available are blacks, blondes, browns, red, red2 and streaks on black.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Marie... the name alone makes you think of a kittenish sex-goddess. Think Briget Bardot, seductive, soft, tousled, natural. That's everything we packed into this style. With all the colors you have to choose from, we're sure you'll find one to bring out the sex kitten in you. We have blacks, blondes, browns, reds, reds 2, streaks on black and the 18 color fatpack. For the first week, each color pack is $99L and the fatpack is $550L so come in and snap them up before September 19th when the prices will go to their normal price of $225L for the color packs and $1100L for the fat pack.

Predator, for Men and Women

We've added a hot new style to our unisex collection! Part cyber, part warrior, all bad ass. We call it Predator. When you look at it, you'll see why. We've made it unisex because we know that men aren't the only ones who want to kick ass and take names! A matching, removable metallic face mask is included with every color. If you buy the fat pack, you can mix and match the face mask colors with the hair! The colors are red, purple, pink, green, white, blue and yellow. As usual, the price is $99L per pack and $550L for the fat pack which is 50% off the fat pack price. Come in and get it before August 19th when the pricing will go up to $225L per pack and $1100L for the fat pack!