Friday, June 25, 2010

Christian II

Don't tell me that girls are privileged regarding fashion in SL.... ok.. I agree that there are much more thing for girls then guys, but... there are things for guys that are worth! Check this new release from Flavor! Designs.

It's Christian II. It's a fashioned and modern haircut, perfect to the summer! Good for any informal occasion. Why don't you try it and change your look for this weekend?

This hair is available in several colors and there is a re-sizer scrip to make it fit you easier.

This post is not only to present you this awesome hair, but also to wish you a wonderful weekend, in name of Flavor! Designs family!

Eros Fenutzini

Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you know when you have a dream, a very good one and you need to tell it to someone and you feel like words are not enough to translate it? Or you just have a wish and you can't express yourself only with words? That's what I felt when I saw this new release from Flavor! Designs. It's called Illusions... and for me, no words are needed to explain it.

It shows everything! Beauty, charm, romantism, desire..... just like an Illusion! Maybe you're expecting something to happen... why don't you start getting ready and get your onw Illusion today at Flavor! Designs?
There are 8 colors available for you to choose and the skirt is resize scripted to fit you better!

It's all at Flavor! Designs. Once you are there, look around and get your favorite hair too... get ready, it's not just an Illusion.... it'll happen!

Samara Pennell

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christian Hair

This is Christian! The another new hair release from Flavor! Designs of this week. It's the beginning of a new line of hairs, once it has new texture and a resize script! Yes, you guys asked for it, and now it's done!

If you don't really want this scrip, you can just delete it with no losses. Now, talking about that hair, it's a hair you can use in any unformal occasion. It's a modern hairstyle and it's perfect to the summer!

It's available in several color packs to fit better your need. From now on, all hairs from Flavor! Designs will come with this resize scrip to make your life easier.

Thanks for being our precious customer! Bring your friends and check around our news!

Eros Fenutzini.

Jeremy Hair - new hair release for guys I

Let me introduce you a new friend... his name is Jeremy. This is one of the new releases from Flavor! Designs. Jeremy is a modern and fashion hairstyle for modern and sexy guys.

This haircut can be used in several occasions, since it's an unformal one. It 'll give you a very modern and clean look, a sexy style with an angel charm. Why don't you come to Flavor! Designs and try one of these amazing colors?
It's at Flavor! Designs. There is much more at Flavor! Come and check... and also, stay tunned... there is one more hair being released for guys!

Eros Fenutzini


This is your Flavor! Designs.... you can come as you are because here you will find all styles. Check this new hair release. It's called Kelsie.

This hair is available in 5 color packs and one of them will perfectly fit your style (and if you are like me, that hates to make "hard" decisions you can get them all). It fits with gothic, punk, RP styles and looks.

It's at Flavor! Desings. There is much more for you to see... come and bring your friends, partners to walk around and know our options of hairs and clothes.... there is a lot for guys too and you'll all be most welcome!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a Misty Hair

Ok, here we go... it's Friday again! The international "have fun" day! We girls, must be ready to enjoy the weekend, we need to feel confident and beautiful!

So, when thinking of making a great hairstyle, visit Flavor! Designs and check out this release to your weekend. It's called Misty Hair.

It's available in many colors. Doesn't look like I just left the beauty salon?

It's at Flavor! Desings. Visit us an check much more... I'm sure you will find a great outfit for the occasion you need and that will perfectly match with this hairstyle.

Isn't the summer hot enough?

Amazing release at Flavor! Designs. Please, if you don't think you're a sexy or fashion girl, you will probably be shocked because of this release! This outfit is called Steamy. It includes the top, shorts and prim skirt, in latex.

It's a great alternative to wear in summer and show your beautiful body! It fits well with a great pair of high heel sandal. Complete your outfit with a great hair cut (there're several options at the store too!) and the make up you like better and you are ready to go and make yourself noted!

It's at Flavor! Desings. There is much more there! You will be most welcome visiting our store! See you there.