Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you know when you have a dream, a very good one and you need to tell it to someone and you feel like words are not enough to translate it? Or you just have a wish and you can't express yourself only with words? That's what I felt when I saw this new release from Flavor! Designs. It's called Illusions... and for me, no words are needed to explain it.

It shows everything! Beauty, charm, romantism, desire..... just like an Illusion! Maybe you're expecting something to happen... why don't you start getting ready and get your onw Illusion today at Flavor! Designs?
There are 8 colors available for you to choose and the skirt is resize scripted to fit you better!

It's all at Flavor! Designs. Once you are there, look around and get your favorite hair too... get ready, it's not just an Illusion.... it'll happen!

Samara Pennell