Sunday, November 29, 2009


The new men's hair style from Flavor! Designs is called Drakken and is available in regular or Glow version. The two styles are the same, yet completely different. They remind me of brothers separated at birth. One brother sent to the city, a cyber utopia, run by computers with artificial intelligence that have gone mad.
The second brother sent to the wastelands. Steam, gears, rusted machinery, the citizens criminals one and all, fighting for the least bit of comfort.
It's an interesting concept and wonderfully executed. The styles are sold separately for those that prefer one over the other. You can find this style and many others for men and women at Flavor! Designs HERE.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowflakes and Elaine

He was lost in the mountains, cold, alone, trudging through snow deep enough to hide the body of anyone who couldn't make it. After hours and days his body gives out..."Just a little rest," he thinks. He sits under a tree and his eyes drift closed and he feels in the back of his mind that they will never open again...but they do. He awakens in a place of all shimmering light and bright white. He is no longer cold, though he senses in some way he isn't warm either. He is still struggling to understand what is happening when he sees her.
Her dark eyes gleam with power and mischief. She doesn't speak but he knows she was the one that saved him and that this place is her kingdom. She smiles and stares deeply into his eyes, opening her cloak of white fur and letting it fall to the floor. She glistens and shines like virgin snow as she makes her way closer toward him. There is no fire but he is warm.

The Snowflakes jewelry set is the latest release from Flavor! Designs. The full set includes two bracelets, a necklace, eye piercing and chest piercing. The pieces are delicate and unique, as snowflakes should be. You can purchase the pieces individually for 100L-150L or 400L for the entire set.

Also worn in the photo is the new hair Elaine. This style is sleek and elegant and can be held in your go-to folder for every special occasion. At 225L for a THREE color pack and 1100L for a fat pack of ALL colors you can afford this new look even after all of your Black Friday spending sprees. You can pick up these and all new releases at Flavor! Designs HERE.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Sleek, yet wild. Smooth, but with a roughness. Solid and giving....the newly released Brynna style speaks volumes on what a woman should be.
The recent Thanksgiving holiday has been reminding me more to appreciate my ancestors and I felt this style fit wonderfully with the high cheeks, copper skin, and dark eyes of a beautiful Native woman.

The Brynna style sells for 225L per THREE color pack and 1100L per fat pack. All styles are marked to 99L per pack and 550L for a fat pack their first weeks of release. You can find Flavor! Designs HERE.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


There is a continuing fantasy that many men have when staring into the sea. The waves roll in and they see something coming out. As if in slow motion a gorgeous woman begins to surface, shaking the water from her long, beautiful hair. They lock eyes and the woman, silent, walks towards him, the sun shining behind her giving her an angelic appearance. Dripping wet she leans down and places a long, moist kiss on his hot lips... Don't you want to be a fantasy woman?

This style is one of many new releases available in the store this week. Styles are 99L per THREE color pack and 550L for a fat pack the first few days of release. Eventually they will be 225L per pack and 1100L for fat pack so grab them now for super cheap!
Come down and grab a demo! You can find Flavor! Designs HERE.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Bright blue eyes pierce the crowd, full of angst and massive amounts of creativity, those lucky enough to come into their line of sight can't help but feel moved in one way or another. A joke without a smile, tears with a laugh, golden-haired bard of the times, he sings and you are forever changed.
The latest hairstyle out from Flavor! Designs is called Lithium and was inspired by an artist who wrote a song with that name. The style is playful, with a bit of darkness to it, a description one might even attribute to said artist. The style creeps down just past the shoulders, giving the wearer the look of an artist who has more important and amazing things going through his mind than when the next trim is.
You can buy the style HERE for 225L per THREE color pack or 1100L for every single color. Come down and try a demo!

Friday, November 20, 2009


"The Red Queen I pictured as a Fury, but of another type; her passion must be cold and calm - she must be formal and strict, yet not unkindly; pedantic to the 10th degree, the concentrated essence of all governesses..."
-Lewis Carroll in "Alice on the Stage"

The latest release from Flavor! Designs is the female updo called "Violet." As I was trying on the colors the red struck me hard. The hair was indeed "formal" and even approaching a bit "strict" in the front...but the back and top leaves the bit of effortless, yet controlled, insanity that will always remind me of Carroll's Red Queen (not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts). The feel of a strict, almost cruel, teacher who, unknown to her students, wears leather undergarments under her high collar dresses comes to mind with this style.

The Violet style can be work elegant, trendy, or even upscale-casual. The price is only 225L per THREE color pack and 1100L for a fat pack of ALL colors. The first week of any release the prices are lowered to 99L per three color pack and 550L for a fatpack and if you hurry you can still make it to get the lower price.
Flavor! Designs is located HERE. Come on down and try a demo! And don't forget to grab the hunt gifts because they are gone for good.

Friday, November 13, 2009


You streak through clouds of industrial fumes unnoticed. You carry the package in sweat-free palms, making your way to The Factory; this is the big one, the one that makes all the difference. Their fates depend on run. Those you pass see nothing but a blue streak and a faint green smoke. No one is faster than one but you can save the world. Sonic is the new men's hair release from Flavor! Designs. This style has a dual personality; the classic, simple front swoops into a windblown design at the back. The effect is a stunning one and can be used in many style genres from Cyber to Steam!

Sonic is priced at 225L per THREE color pack and 1100L for the entire color range. You can find this style and many more at the Flavor! Designs main store HERE.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear Diary,
Today Timmy Nelson got in trouble at school with Miss Goode. I think he did it on purpose because he likes her. I told him that and he told me if I said it to anyone he would put ants in my lunch so I am not gonna tell anyone! My mom says that the teachers at St. Basil's should be nuns like they were in the old days and that teachers so young as Miss Goode are nothing but a distraction, whatever that means.

The new Rosary jewelry set has me absolutely drooling and also thinking back to my Catholic school days. This is a piece you can really make into something sweet and lovely...or, well, REALLY naughty. All up to you, of course.
The full set can be purchased for 300L, though the pieces can also be purchased individually. if for some reason you aren't 100% certain of whether or not you love this piece, there are free demos to be had in the store. Can't beat try it before you buy it!
Flavor! Designs is HERE. Come on down!


One thing I really love about SL is that you can be anything you want. When I wear the Lucienta hair my mind goes through a whirlwind of ideas and thoughts and emotions. Putting together one look I loved for this style was simply impossible. I tried this Fae look first and was in love. I could hear the trees rustling past me as I ran for cover from the humans chasing after. I could feel the grass beneath my bare feet and the warmth of the sun on my bare shoulders. This had to be the perfect look for the style!And then I tried this look. I could smell the cologne of men admiring me as I performed. I could taste the sweet wine and feel the spice on my tongue. This Spanish beauty was just as fit to wear the style.
Lucienta is an extremely versatile style that every woman in SL could use in her inventory. At 225L per three color pack and 1100L for an entire fat pack it is quite a steal. I can certainly see this becoming one of my go-to hair styles and I think many of you will feel the same way once you try the demo! This style was highly requested after the male style, Lucient, was released and the women drooled with jealousy. Well, Traken listened and made the style you craved!
Take a ride on the slurl HERE to get to Flavor!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The new men's hair style from Flavor! Designs is called AMotive and it just plain rocks. Look at this hair and tell me it doesn't inspire thoughts of 1977 punk rock music, when punk was really special and not a mall fashion genre. AMotive evokes blurred memories of dim clubs, loud music that is barely in tune, home made tattoos and kinky women looking for their own personal Joey Ramone.The asymmetry of the style, along with the sharp edge spikes, ensures that this Sid is bound to attract better than Nancy.

The style normally sells for 225 per three color pack and 1100 for a fat pack. If you hurry down to the store now, however, you can still catch the sale! Through today (11-07-09) you can still grab all hairs at 99L per three color pack and only 550L for a FAT PACK!!

Don't forget the party tonight too! To celebrate the grand opening of the new Flavor! main store there will be a party with prizes, a live DJ, new releases, a "bad hair" event and secret freebies!! Yes, you heard right, freebies. Items will be marked down to 0L through out the store. Party starts at 1PM SLT and we hope to see you there!! Click HERE for your taxi.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Jezibell was a wash woman by day but by night much, much more. She would never shame her family by telling them what she was up to; they would never believe it if she did. Only a thin, lace mask and bright, blonde hair kept her from a life of mediocrity. And a life of mediocrity would mean death for one like Jezibell...
The updo hair style has lots of fantastic details, such as swept bangs, braids, and color change hair sticks. As with all Flavor! Designs hair styles, Jezibell is very versatile and will get you attention wherever you go.

Jezibell is available in the Flavor! Designs main store regularly for 225L per three color pack and 1100L for a fat pack of all colors; however, there is a SALE going on! Through Saturday you can get the three color packs for only 99L each and fat packs are only 550L! Come on down to the main store HERE.


Bailey is a new style from Flavor! Designs for women. The style, to me, evokes dark castles in Romania, torn lace, black eyeshadow, carriage rides through thunder storms and piercing gazes. I see romantic embraces, desperate danger and lusty hunts. Bailey could by many things, many types, many...flavors. What is she to you?
Bailey is currently available for sale in the Flavor! Designs main shop HERE. The price is 225L per three color pack and 1100L per fat pack of all colors....HOWEVER, right now you can get this style super cheap at only 99L for a three color pack and 550L for a FAT PACK! This sale only lasts through Saturday so hurry if you want the deal.

And don't forget to check around the store...there might just be some hunt gifts for you. *winks*


New Store.. New Look.. all hair on sale!! yes you heard right.. Flavor! is having a 99L hair sale.. 3 color packs for only 99l .. how can you go wrong.. been lookin at a style but wasnt sure about it.. nows the time to grab it..
this sale ends on saturday the 7th so hurry in..

Now.. did someone say a party??? yes we did! how bout.. 1pm Saturday the 7th of November.. 6 items in the store will be marked down to 0L.. yes FREE!!! not to mention a random prize giver and a bad hair event that two winners will end up with 500L gift cards to Flavor!

Traken will be Djing this event .. so you know the tunes will be fun and pumped up!

New Location - click the link!